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Corey Welsh / Owner & Operator

Education - Civil Engineering Tech


Experience - 8 years of  construction management & heavy equipment operation.

Growing up in Northeast Iowa, Corey has evolved into having a passion for the outdoors, agriculture, and conservation of the land & resources it holds. This passion & his previous work experience created Welsh Land Services. A unique and dynamic business that helps land owners, tenants, and stewards achieve their management goals.


From an acreage owner's driveway to large scale farm operations, we take pride in helping land managers achieve their goals. We offer a diverse array of services that add value to your land, investment, or business.

The Tri-State area is rich with wild game and quality hunting. We have a great track record of setting up farms that produce successful results. 














"I was pleased with the planning and work Corey completed on my hunting property, Welsh Land Services made my farm good." - Gavin Sherburne

  • Brush Cutting & Clearing

  • Driveway Maintenance & Repair

  • CRP / No Till / Cover Seeding

  • Fence line Clearing & Removal

  • Trail Maintenance & Development

  • Logging Clean Up - Firewood

  • Tree Planting 

  • ​Food Plots 

  • ​Hunt Consulting & Setup

  • ​Demolition & Storm Clean Up

  • Dirt Work / Excavation

Call for any questions regarding our services.

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